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Font introduction:

Author: Sun Shanchun, the stage name Xiao Fei, "panda teacher". Ph. D. of German philosophy, Zhejiang University. He is a teacher of The China Academy of Art and a master's graduate tutor. The author uses a screen as a paper to refer to a pen book. This is a vibrant quest to bring the time and space of calligraphy into a typeface. The stroke of flexible road, full of momentum, and structure of beautiful, elegant atmosphere. After the conversion of the written text of the screen, the strokes are clean and unified, and the amount of the data is small, and the quality of the writing shows the modern technology civilization. The traditional way of making scans through paper writing is difficult to achieve. It needs to be pointed out that the author has used nearly 5 years of practice to master screen writing skills, so as to arouse people's attention to the aesthetic appreciation of Chinese characters in the information age and make valuable actions. The font is suitable for advertising and network applications and is competent for the typesetting of personalized text.

方正善春屏写简 Font for all commercial use before you need to contact the font designer or company.

方正善春屏写简 Is a very beautiful art font, # widely used in a variety of books, album design printing, 方正善春屏写简 has a strong visual impact, newspapers and magazines and books commonly used fonts, posters, personality promotion brand logo design, font Design, and so on. 方正善春屏写简 Is a title for the design of the font, the font download station to provide free download, font download Daquan to provide the most complete in the English font material.

方正善春屏写简 Download

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